Gresham Historical Society_Library Under Construction 1912

Thank You for Preserving the Carnegie Library

Gresham Historical Society_Library Under Construction 1912

The Gresham Historical Society would like to thank all of our donors who have contributed to this year’s restoration of the 1913 Gresham Carnegie Library. So far, we have received over 40 individual contributions for our restoration efforts, totaling almost $4,000.

Thank You,

Mike and Claudia Andrews
April Avery
Jen Bodendorfer
Marilou Bohmann
Joe Breniser
Beth Caldwell
Jim Card
Rose Carstenson
Sandy Cartisser
Betty Chisum
Carol Clark
Lynn Coombs
Dave Dyk
Stephen Estes and MaryJeanne Oliva
Tammy Farley
Kirk French
Janine Gladfelter
Judy Han
Wanda Harmon
John and Bunny Harrold
Lael Hays
Georgene Honke
Alyson Huntting
Bonnie Jepsen
Liz Jones
Carol and Toni Kato
Ila Lane
Martha Manske
Howard Moen
Jill Monti
Carol Nielsen
Becky Nuffer
Oregon Heritage Commission
Marianne Ott
Janice Pearson
Judie Peterson
Kate Preiss
Leslie Radke
Margaret Rice
Mardy Stevens
Martin Stone
Nancy Takamune
Tim Young

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