Current Exhibits

A History of Gresham in 100 Objects

Opened in March, this comprehensive exhibit takes a look at some of the more interesting objects in the Gresham Historical Society collections. Each of these items comes with a story that will get you thinking about what material culture meant to people in the past — and what it means to us in the present day.

Bringing kids?  We offer scavenger hunts at two levels of difficulty to help both children and adults engage with the many items on display.  Or you can make up your own treasure hunt.  The possibilities are endless!

Color photo of museum exhibit showing a variety of objects, including an ornate pump organ, metal canisters, spinning wheel, and wooden trunk in large, airy gallery space.

Unclaimed Memories

This photo essay features family pictures that were developed at Zimmerman’s Twelve-Mile Store between 1955 and 1965 but never picked up.  Featured in both the Oregonian and the Gresham Outlook, this collection is full of mysteries—many of which have been solved by museum visitors and by our followers on Facebook!  Do you see anyone you know?